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Thermal Conductive Double Sided Tape

Thermally conductive tapes we provide are transfer thermal conductive tapes and glass fiber thermal conductive tapes both with relese liner.


1.Thermally Conductive Die Cutting Transfer Adhesive Tapes is designed to provide an efficient method of mounting heat sinks onto devices such as microprocessor, small electronic packages and other components.
2.Thermally conductive adhesive transfer tape eliminates the need for clips, clamps, other forms of mechanical fixing and messy thermal compound. 
3.Acrylic Polymer Adhesive + White/Blue Release Paper.
4.We can supply this tape in rolls, sheets and individual shapes.

Main Features

1.It gives thermal conductivity and insulation simultaneously.Also it gives best solution to bond uneven surface.
2.The polymer structure enable tapes to have flexibility ,conformability,self adhesive,high compressive rate,and provide easy bonding.
3.It is available to use high/low temperature,severe environmental conditions.Even if bonding on uneven surface,thermal conductivity is good.The most important is that it is used easily without changing your machines.
4.It provide good solution when you need good thermal conductivity,insulation and damping.Based on getting certificate SGS,many customers applied our product to electric products. 
5.Transfer conductive tapes have good initial adhesion,insulation,low outgassing.Thermal conductive tapes is best choice to bond hard or soft surfaces.