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PVC Double Sided Tape

PVC Double Sided Tape


Double-sided adhesive glue made from acrylic, color is white translucent; is an easy to operate, double-sided adhesive generic type, durability, good heat resistance, short-term temperature of 130 ℃, long-term temperature resistance 80 ℃; water resistance, good elasticity, strong stick.


1, Equivalent to Tesa 4970,High initial tack, strong adhesion ,Irregular surface application for its great conformability,Good durability.

2, An outstanding adhesion level even to critical low surface energy materials such as PP and PE.
3, Immediate functionality of the laminated bond due to excellent initial tack.

4,Suitability for most demanding applications such as heavy stress, high temperature of critical substrates.
5, Light and age-resistant acrylic adhesive.

6, Immediate usability right after assembly